LIQUID is a Proof of Liquidity token on the TRON Blockchain.
The token has a capped supply of 1,000,000 LIQUID.
There are zero team allocation, zero reserves.
The entire 1,000,000 LIQUID supply has been deposited to JustSwap with 10,000 TRX as Initial Liquidity.
The token price is determined by the total LIQUID/total TRX in the Liquidity Pool at the given moment.

LIQUID can be burned to list and review dapps on Access Crypto section,
coming soon.

Get liquid on JustSwap

How do I get a TRON wallet?
You can download Tronlink Pro Chrome Extension on desktop.
Alternatively, You can download Token Pocket or Klever wallet on Mobile.
How do I get TRX?
You can exchange any crypto for TRX using Binance, Join Binance here
How to use JustSwap?
Read the guide here